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 Faye Woodroof's  story is remarkable in that it began with her ...RETIREMENT !!!  After raising her children and working as a clerical secretary at a school for more years than she cares to remember, Faye had finally reached the time for retirement and relaxation… until friends and coworkers started teasing her about growing old. The next thing everyone knew, she was in front of audiences proving just how alive she was by winning Showtime’s Funniest Person in Tennessee and then HBO’s Comic Relief II National Championship.

Faye then took her show to the road where    she became affectionately  known as


With year's worth of opinions to express and stories to tell, all of which are not quite as “sweet” as audiences might expect from a grandmother, Faye not only targets male egos with her explanations of how she NOW views men, she also tells how she tried to eliminate a few uncooperative husbands with poison mushrooms they were not too willing to eat !!! Stories about aging body parts and sexual escapades will have the audience laughing so hard they will be begging to borrow her Depends !!! Faye even includes punch lines about “Grannies in Jail” inspired by a true incident that occurred between a SWAT team and herself  a few short years ago.

As an established headliner at clubs across the United States, Faye is basking in the prime of her career. With stories from her rich past and insight into expectations for the future, Faye shares her gift of making audiences laugh in a manner that totally redefines stereotypical, somber images of your grandmother by letting you know that if you think the first half of life is funny, then hold on tight...YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHIN' YET !!!

Faye is available for club, corporate and private events. Her material is a rated a very (and we mean very) strong R to X. It's raunchy, ribald, rowdy, risqué and rollicking !!! Leave the kiddies and the easily offended at home and be prepared for an unlimited, unpretentious and uncensored good time !!!


Delta III is a combination of three seasoned vetran Blues artists collaborating in a joyful celebration of their craft. Each brings their own unique style, delivery and interpretation to create magnificent progressive yet richly earthen renditions unmistakably borne of roots Blues.

Describing the Blues as, " the only real thing I've ever experienced...it's the realist thing there is", Miranda Louise has remained a mainstay on the Blues Scene for over a quarter  century. A Nashville, TN. native who can belt out authentic Chicago Style Blues with the best of them but is versatile enough to handle barrel house boogie as well as a healthy serving of soulful ballads with a little side of ragtime thrown in for spice, Miranda is a purist true to her art.

Long time Memphis Blues insider, Brad Webb, has played in eight countries, played on CD's with John Weston, Fred Sanders and Willie Morris as well as having been honored to accompany Blind Mississippi Morris on the Presidential Yacht. Additionally, Brad is a sessions guitarist/writer for various projects, operates a small recording studio in Memphis as well as being an active advocate for The Memphis Blues Society which has produced weekly Blues Jams for the past four years.

Versatile in both vocals and harmonica, David Hudson sits in with Jack Rowell's, Royal Blues Band, Earl "The Pearl" Banks, Jason D. Williams and Brad Webb. David also spent time in the early 70's with Memphis based Uncle Jam Band which toured with ZZ Top.

Delta III stands ready to provide a joyous fun filled evening of Blues at your club or venue. For bookings contact Scott Orr, Managing Partner, Maverick Entertainment Partners, LLC. 

(615) 734-9932 – (615) 577-0895 – Fax   maverickentertainmentpartners@gmail.com

Emmy Nominee Chambers Stevens is one of Los Angeles top acting coaches, with 10 books in print, including several titles in the popular Hollywood 101 series for young actors (Sandcastle Publishing). In the last 15 years, Chambers has toured the country doing workshops for more than 100,000 actors in 40 states. He is also a contributing columnist for the weekly casting publication Backstage.

Originally hailing from the town of Hendersonville, TN. a suburb of Nashville, Chambers left his mark on Nashville theater as a founder of the Nashville Shakespeare Festival, now in its 25th year. Among his many local stage and television performances were WSMV TV’s “The Steve Spots”, which received six Emmys and a George Peabody award.

After relocating to Los Angeles some 25 years ago, Chambers established himself as one of top acting coaches in Hollywood. His wife, Betsy Sullenger, is a producer with Disney. Together they have run ins with the rich and famous on a regular basis. From these everyday encounters the concept for “It’s Who You Know’ was borne.

Originally staged in Beaumont, TX. Under the title “Close Encounters of the Celebrity Kind” the idea for the show developed from a “close encounter” with Steven Soderbergh at a screening of the movie director’s documentary “Everything is Going Fine” about humorist Spalding Gray. Soderbergh told Stevens about a film “Personal History of American Trash” where Gray pulls scripts of plays he had been in from a box, and proceeds to tell anecdotes about his experiences in those plays.

From this encounter Stevens decided that since he lives in LA the perfect idea would be to talk about celebrity encounters. He describes the show as being like “sit down comedy”. His memorable celebrity encounters range from the Mandrell sisters who were his childhood neighbors in Tennessee to some of Hollywood’s most star studded recognized celebrities.

In addition to his renowned work as an acting coach, Chambers is an Emmy nominated author and playwright. His previous one man show “Desperate for Magic” won the Backstage Garland Award.

Chambers resides in Los Angeles with his wife, Betsy, and son Twain. He is super excited to bring “It’s Who You Know” to a city near you soon.

"It's Who You Know" will be announcing tours periodically throughout the year. The show is also available for performance at club, corporate and private events. Chambers is also available to conduct acting workshops for ages 8 to adult. Email your inquiries.

Maverick Entertainment Partners, LLC is pleased to announce a new partnership with Laughing Corpse Productions, Tennessee's Premiere Murder Mystery Company. 

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